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Bespoke gaming dice, handmade with care

Kira's love of tabletop gaming dates back to the 90s, where she found inspiration in the horror genre like many queer artists before her. Her style blends delicate florals with macabre elements to create one of a kind CottageGore pieces inspired by local legends, ghost stories, and cryptids.



I have major surgery scheduled for November 3rd and I will be out of commission for at least 6 weeks, so I will not be pouring any new sets through the end of the year. Farrah will still be fufilling orders on remaining stock while I'm on bedrest, but once my sets are gone, they're gone for the year! If you need to place holiday orders, I strongly suggest placing them before the end of October.
This is an elective surgery and I do not expect any major complications. I appreciate all your support!